We want NOBL to be the place where you do the best work of your career. We’re successful because the people on our team are kind, smart, and quick studies. They’re comfortable working in an ambiguous and highly dynamic environment and inherently optimistic about what our uncertain future holds. We hope this way of working appeals to you too.

Here's what we’re looking for in a full-time Principal of Change and Organizational Design.

  • You understand how organizations work. You’ll need to be able to quickly sense key factors and forces while you evaluate a complex corporate or departmental strategy, navigate the key decision makers and influencers involved, and chart the implications for the organization’s business, people, structures, and systems.
  • You have a deep understanding of people and a passion for making people’s lives better at work. You have familiarity with human-centered design. You know how to design for positive cultural conditions that change behavior and create impact. And you bring a positive optimism that inspires hope in the face of resistance or changing circumstances.
  • You have experience leading change and enabling change either as an internal change agent or as a consultant and have some stories to show for it (good and bad). At NOBL, you’ll have the immense task of guiding teams to make organizational change in complex and challenging work environments. You’ll serve both the Fortune 500 and rapidly scaling startups.
  • You can own the room at multiple levels, advising executives one-on-one, training leadership teams in workshops, and translating complicated ideas to the overworked and under-trained staff on the front-line.
  • You can sell the work. We expect our Principals to be able to originate and own business development efforts. This includes running sales conversations, drafting proposals, and engendering the trust of clients, as well as seeking opportunities to grow and diversify NOBL’s portfolio of work in line with our business goals.
  • You can own the work. We expect our Principals to pull up their sleeves and drive the delivery of work. This involves leveraging our IP and resources strategically in designing an engagement, developing and supporting team members to effectively and sustainably deliver on multiple streams of work, and seeking opportunities to broaden and deepen client relationships as well as validate the real impact our change making efforts are having.
  • You can design a change journey that will take organizations from pain to progress. You know how to dissect organizational issues, digging to find the real root causes, then crafting and choreographing the workshops, conversations, and coaching needed to create measurable and meaningful change. And you are as comfortable doing this virtually using online tools as you are creating in-person experiences.
  • You want to help us build this business. One that enables real and meaningful change in individuals, teams, and organizations. You are similarly dissatisfied with much of what is out there today, and being part of and growing a difference maker where we do the hardest yet most rewarding work of aligning people and culture to strategy, coaching and building the capability for change where others may have considered it impossible.
  • You might have an advanced degree in organizational psychology, organizational change or similar. This is not a hard requirement, but ultimately, we need someone who has a nuanced understanding of how organizations grow and change (far beyond the latest fads).
  • You probably have 9+ years of relevant experience (9-12 for an Associate Principal and typically more for Principal). Again, this is not a hard requirement nor the best gauge of expertise, but we thought it might be helpful in deciding which role to apply for.


We hope that you're excited by the possibilities that come with working at NOBL. In order to further support you in bringing your best self to work, we offer the following for all full time employees, negotiable for fractional and other roles:

  • We offer competitive health, dental, and vision coverage (no matter where in the world you live).
  • We provide stipends for working remotely anywhere (home office setup and/or dedicated office space in your city), mental health, and personal development.
  • We encourage you to take 3 weeks of PTO in addition to 3 weeks of annual office closures (1 week in August and 2 weeks in December), and offer a paid sabbatical after 4 years of tenure.
  • We pay your cellphone bill. Cause let’s be honest, who doesn’t work off their phone.
  • We know family is important. We provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave, inclusive of adoption and fostering, to spend time caring and bonding with your loved ones.
  • Company-wide in-person offsites at least once per year and regional meet-ups when appropriate.
  • We help you save for retirement by matching 100% of your contributions up to the first 3% of pay and 50% of your contributions on the next 2% of pay.